Current rates

  • Minimum order: 40 UAH. (The price includes a 2 km.)
  • 1 km. the city: 5 UAH.
  • 1 min standby: 1 UAH.
  • Free waiting time after the filing of the machine: 10 min.
  • In order with exact time free waiting time: 5 min.
  • Stopover shorter than 4 minutes: 3 UAH.

Additional services

  • 1 km by region: 7 UAH.
  • Feed the machine (with the cancellation of the order): 20 UAH.
  • Transportation of animals: the price – 20 UAH.
  • 5 people in the car, luggage in the cabin: × 1,5
  • Supplement for beach orders: 15 UAH.
  • Minibus: minimum price for the 2 km-80 UAH. (1 km thereafter 8 UAH).
  • Premium-class: minimum order – 60 UAH. (1 km thereafter 10 UAH).
  • «the Sober driver”: price × 3

In very bad weather or holidays tariffs may increase.

“Sober driver” from the taxi service “Virage” in Odessa – a reliable assistant in difficult situations

Is a service “sober driver” in demand in Odessa? There are moments in life when driving your own car does not simply contraindicated, but also life threatening.

Why appears such situations?

  • Unplanned party, meeting with good friends when the feast is not complete without the use of alcohol.
  • Tired after a busy day.
  • A sudden worsening of health status.
  • Taking medicines that are not compatible with the driving.

What you can do when there is no possibility to leave your car and take a taxi? You can ask for help the driver. Taxi service “Virage” will send a professional driver who is familiar with all types of gearboxes to help you. An experienced driver will drive you on your car and take to the place you need, without endangering get into an accident or lose your rights for drunk driving. This service is particularly valuable in a metropolis with heavy traffic, when the untimely reaction of the driver may lead to irreparable consequences.

How one can use the “sober driver” service

The “sober driver” service can be used ordering by phone, preparing the keys of the car and checking the package of mandatory documents (driver’s license, technical passport of the car, insurance of civil liability), confirming the validity of using the car.

In turn, you can also ask the documents certifying the identity of the driver and his driving experience. “Sober driver” will take you home and park the car in the usual place. However, if you have no keys, or any document is doubtful for driver, he has the right to refuse from providing services. In such case you can take a taxi and solve the problem of moving the car later.

Benefits of ordering service taxi “Virage” in Odessa

Calling a professional driver in difficult situations will help avoid potential problems. A service taxi “Virage” guarantees the following advantages:

Security. You do not need to drive when you are unsure of your state. It will make a professional for you.

Speed. You can reach the right place as soon as possible. “Sober driver” will consider best route, traffic of the city and quality of roads.

Low prices. Cost of service is much cheaper than repair and treatment after an accident or a fine for a traffic violation.